Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day: a day of rest for workers. I am so thankful that I am a worker again and able to celebrate appropriately! lol After having Courtney and the g-kids since Friday night, I am ready for an afternoon of rest before heading back to work tomorrow. Although I do need to straighten up the apartment, do the washing and update 2 web sites for clients - stuff that I couldn't do while the g-kids were here. So maybe just a little rest later tonight. The g-kids are a handful, especially in my little apartment, but we had fun. Sunday afternoon we borrowed the Fike's house so that we could have the traditional Labor Day cook-out (Becky, we cleaned up, I swear). I REALLY miss having a backyard and grill. The g-kids and their Uncle Connor had fun running around in the backyard and playing in the little playhouse - I thought the g-kids were calling Connor 'Grandma' but Courtney says they were calling him 'Giant'. I guess that does make more sense. We had a cake to celebrate my birthday but Hayden insisted it was his. When they sang Happy Birthday he sang 'Happy birthday dear Hayden' instead of Nana. He's too funny sometimes. Then he kept repeating 'Give it to me!'. Morgan was so sweet, giving me a big hug and saying 'Happy birthday Nana, I love you'.

Oh well, their Dad picked up the g-kids a little while ago and I will be driving Court up the street to the bus station in a few minutes. Guess I should drag my butt to the washing machine and get a load of washing started! Thank you Lord for a nice weekend.


  1. Hey, Barbie, I'll try again.

    Where are the Fikes this weekend? Where is Courtney going on the bus?

    Nosey, aren't I? :-)

  2. Not nosey, just family. lol The Fikes are on a cruise with our church Seniors. And they made the mistake of leaving me keys to to house! Courtney is in the Job Corp now and it's up in McKinney. She is studying accounting. She has to live on campus Monday-Friday but can come home on weekends (whether I like it or not). So she can ride the DART train and bus up to the station in Plano and then the Job Corp shuttle picks them up. So far she is doing good (knock wood, fingers crossed, 4-leaf clover) so far, even has been promoted to the leadership team.