Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's alive......sorta

For those of you who were waiting with bated breath for an update on my Blackberry, please feel free to breath normally again. She's working fine, most of the time anyway. Just sometimes folks on the other end of the line have to shout a bit to be heard. No problem. And Connor is happy to have his phone back so that he can drive me crazy listening to Miley Cyrus sing the "Climb". Happy Tuesday everyone.


  1. Oh dear, I've heard of that happening. Someone said buy the insurance in case that happens. How do you like the Blackberry? I just got a new phone, the Palm Centro. Larry has the Treo. We both will be downloading books onto them.


  2. Hey Sis! It's working better now. I like the keyboard on the Blackberry since Court sends me texts all the time. I hadn't thought about downloading books - will have to see if there's an app for that. Of course I'll have to get a memory card too. Becky had a Treo at one point but work switched services and now she has a Blackberry just like mine. But she has her work email synced with it so it beeps ALL the time.