Monday, February 21, 2011

Male Bashing on the Rise?

My sister, Linda brought up the topic of Male Bashing earlier today in her Blog:

This is the comment I made:
Reading the first paragraph of your blog I thought “Heck, yeah! It’s about time THEY got the bad end of the stick instead of us women!” But then the estrogen overtook the testosterone and allowed my brain to function correctly. Oops, I guess that could be considered male bashing.

I'm afraid that I often utter deprecating generalizations about men – yes me, the mother/grandmother of three young men. The motivation for this male bashing is the frustrating experiences I have had with the men in my life both past and present. So in order to make myself feel better, I bash. Not that it makes me feel better - just makes me appear to be the harping stereotypical female that men have labeled women for years. Male bashing, female bashing, gay bashing, fat jokes, etc. I think that any kind of bashing says more about the basher than the group being bashed. Any type of “bashing” should be socially unacceptable.

I do not believe male bashing is on the rise because of women in the workplace or women gaining equal footing with men. In my opinion, it is just another of those trends in movies and television. One show, commercial or movie makes a killing making fun of a certain group of people and then all the copycats come out. Give the people what they want, right? Unfortunately people then find it socially acceptable to bash said group – “Hey don’t bet mad, we’re just joking around.”

I agree with you Linda. I want my sons and grandson to grow up to be well rounded men. Able to be a supportive, equal partner to their significant others. I want the same for my daughter and granddaughter. So my new, New Year’s resolution is to monitor my way of speaking. And maybe I will write a protest letter or two.

I would list some examples male bashing commercials but I cannot remember any specific ones at this time. I will mention the sitcom The Big Bang Theory. Four academically smart young men who cannot get a date and are awkward in the social arena. They would be labeled as geeks. I love this show but none of the characterizations could be considered role models for young men.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Morgan and her Barbie Dolls

I was at Walmart the other day getting in supplies to help us make it through this cold spell. I saw an endcap that had a boxed set of Barbie & Ken in beach costumes. They apparently have gotten married and are spending their honeymoon at a beach resort. Ms. Morgan has been asking for a Ken doll so I bought the set for her. She was so excited when she opened the box. She hasn't put the two of them down - they eat, sleep and bath with her. She is too funny. I neaver really understood the whole playing with dolls activity but Morgan sure loves playing with hers. Morgan's mom keeps telling her that my name is Barbie too but Morgan insists that my name is Nana. LOL