Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Look! I got my own Blog!

Everyone else is doing it so why shouldn't I? That's the teenager in me wanting to be part of the crowd. Of course the middle aged grandmother in me has no idea what I'm going to write in a blog. And who is going to read it? Anyway, I should be doing other things, like paying bills, cleaning the litter box or taking books to the used book store. I have MANY books. I tend to read - a lot. Yes I know that a lot is a parcel of land but what other word can you use? A bunch just sounds silly. BTW, my big sister is an author. Her books don't go back to the used book store. LOL Check out her blog at

What's with the blog name? I am a Barbara, named after two wonderful Aunts, but known from birth as Barbie. In first grade I couldn't find my desk as none of them were labeled Barbie. The teacher had to direct me to the desk labeled Barbara. Yes, I was rather clueless then and I still am now. Being called Barbie, I was inevitably teased with comparisons to That Barbie. You know who I mean - the anatomically impossible doll. She of the innumerable professions from Airline Hostess to Medical Doctor. Thank the Lord there were no boys named Ken in any of my grade school classes! So while I am Barbie, I'm not That Barbie! LOL

Most of my friends call me Barb. But my family still calls me Barbie. A few years ago I got it in my head that they were all going to start calling me Barb. Or else! It didn't work out well. I just couldn't get used to them calling me Barb. Actually, most of the time it was "Barbie, I mean Barb". I gave up. It was just easier on everyone to forget the whole Barb fiasco.

So, here it is. My first Blog post. I hope that anyone who actually reads it enjoys.

God Bless,
Barb aka Barbie


  1. Hey, am I supposed to be able to read this?

  2. Hey Sis,
    The text looked fine in Mozilla Firefox which is the web browser I normally use. So I checked it out in Internet Explorer and understand your confusion. The font I was using doesn't work in Internet Explorer. I believe the issue has been resolved.

    Love Ya,

  3. Hey I can barely type much less blog, (CJS)

  4. I enjoyed that.....once you fixed it. Will be watching for more.

  5. Yeah, now I can read it. I much prefer the name Barbie and being older, never connected it with the doll.
    Thanks for the plug, sis.